In this first series of the podcast we'll hear from a number of headteachers and wellbeing advocates who are making a difference to the wellbeing of staff in schools and who are finding new ways of leading schools differently.  We're currently in a recruitment and retention crisis with almost a third of teachers leaving the profession within five years of entering it.  Moreover, 26% of teachers are thinking of leaving the profession within the next 12 months.  One of the actions we can take in response to this is to start to take the wellbeing of the staff in our schools serious.  In this first episode of the podcast, I talk to Steve Waters, founders and CEO of the Teach Well Alliance.  Steve and I explore exactly what the term wellbeing means, and its implications in the workplace.  We discuss how, as a leader, you can gain a clearer insight into the wellbeing climate in your organisation and what you can do to start improving it to benefit your staff.


Twitter: @teachwellall


This episode was brought to you in partnership with Transform Education Coaching - Coaching to change lives, and the Teach Well Alliance.


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