This week we have an interview with education and leadership coach and consultant Hannah Wilson.  Hannah specialises in a broad range of areas including diversity, inclusion and equality and mental health and wellbeing.  Hannah is an ex-headteacher and English teacher and co-founder of #WomenEd.  In the interview we focus on leading from your values and how you can become a more resilient leader.  Hannah also talks about how she created a wellbeing culture as a founding headteacher and about how all of her decisions as a headteacher were values based, including the recruitment process.  Hannah was able to offer flexible and part time working for all of the roles in her school including senior leadership roles.  She is a great role model for how leaders in schools can take a fresh approach to leadership and do things differently.  Hannah and I discuss the importance of coaching for leadership and for wellbeing and how it can contribute to the ability of leaders to lead with authenticity.




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